Happy Due Date!

I know I haven’t posted in a looooong time.  I’ve been so busy!  Setting things up for Baby is more work than I would have thought.  And I have been trying to rest in between, so there’s that too.


There isn’t much to say about what’s been going on, though.  The nursery’s done (pics coming soon, just need to hang some wall art), the go-bag is packed, and all our plans are in order.  I started having bloody show yesterday so hopefully this baby is coming soon.  He’s doing great – measuring right on track and sitting way down low with his head in the pelvic outlet.  He’s ready! 


I’ll upload a pic of my huge belly in a minute.

More Bad News

Today I found out for sure – I have gestational diabetes.  I got the call as I was lounging in bed around 9:30 or so (I had this whole week off work).  I popped 2 abnormal numbers at my 3-hour test.  232 and 179.  Pretty bad.  I wasn’t as upset as I thought I’d be.  I’m a bit bummed though, and pretty scared that this ruins our chances of a natural birth.  (Gestational Diabetes babies tend toward the large side.)  We’ll find out some more info today, though, when we go to the UNMC Diabetes Research Center for a class and to receive my glucometer.  Yay, 4x daily finger pokes.


…was my blood sugar level at my glucose test this morning.  That’s a whopping 20 points over the ‘normal’ range.

Granted, this was the rapid test done with one of those little glucose checkers that diabetics use, so the lab might have slightly better results for me in the morning, but the nurse told me there was almost no chance that the lab results would come back within normal range, either.  So once the official results come in tomorrow morning, I’ll have to schedule a more in-depth test (involving a 14-hour fast, 3-hour appointment, and 4 vials of blood!), and hope I pass that one.  In the meantime, I’ve drastically cut back on my sugars and carbs in the hopes that I can control this with diet and exercise. 

What does this mean for baby?  Well, that depends.  If I can control it, it means very little for him.  If I can’t, it might mean he grows too big or possibly has a blood sugar drop shortly after birth. 

What does this mean for Mom & Dad?  A lot of hard work.  But we are up for it if it will help keep us on the path toward a healthy Nikolai! 

I’ll update when I know more.  Ta-ta for now!


I’ve had this week off so on Monday I paint-taped the stripes in the nursery, and yesterday I painted over the pink ones.  We’re going to leave the white and the green ones, but the pink ones are now tan.  I also taped off a section of wall to do in chalkboard paint!  I will probably do that tonight or tomorrow, but AJ needs to fix a hole in the wall first!  (There used to be a cable hookup in there.  Now it’s just a hole.)

Glucose Test

I’m about to head over to have my glucose test.  Which means that right now I’m drinking glucola, the sugary drink they want you to finish 1 hour before the test.  In all honesty, I thought it would be gross but it’s kind of good.  It’s like kool-aid.  But maybe that’s just me being super thirsty.